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to service!

We know better than anyone else that our well-being and our lives depend on our brothers and sisters in arms. The brave and courageous people who ensure our security worldwide and in our blessed country are the pillars on which our confidence in the future is based. And we remember this any given day.

We really want to provide our military, police officers, and other members of services with our attention and show our gratitude for the tough work that they are doing. For this, we have organized a special loyalty program for everyone who has chosen the hard profession of the defender of the Motherland and its citizens.

We will be glad if you allow us to provide you with unique conditions when purchasing our equipment. And below, we will tell you how to do it.

To register in our loyalty program, follow the simple and clear instructions:

  • Create a login using THE LINK;
  • Fill out the registration form and attach the required credentials to it (scans, photos, copies of required documents, etc.);
  • Wait for a little. We will process your request and respond within 24-48 hours.
  • Enjoy shopping at discounts with our special program for the military and police. Place orders through our official website.

You can become a member of our special program if you belong to one of the categories below.

  • Active military of all branches;
  • Military reserve personnel of all branches;
  • Disabled veterans of all branches;
  • Honorably discharged/retired military veterans with DD214;
  • Firefighters (including volunteer fireman) with appropriate I.D .;
  • All sworn LEO (Law enforcement officers) State, Country and Local;
  • All federal LEO - CBP, FBI, FAMS, DEA, etc .;
  • All Corrections officers, including Parole and Probation Officers;
  • All retired LEO with "retired" credentials including Federal, State, Country, and Local;
  • State licensed security companies;
  • State / City licensed security officers;
  • Federal flight deck officers;
  • Court judges;
  • District attorneys and deputy district attorneys.

We invite you to give our superior products a try – you won’t be disappointed!