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Night Vision Monoculars


AGM Global Vision Night Vision Monoculars: Features and Technologies

AGM Global Vision selection of night vision monoculars is diverse, with solutions to suit every operation, from nighttime field observation to tracking and surveillance. Due to its compact size and shape, this highly popular type of night vision device is ideal for on-the-move target acquisition and covert operations.

Our night vision monoculars are constructed using the principles of infrared science and the latest innovations in night vision technology. All of our devices include:

  • Dependable, durable, lightweight housing made of high-grade aircraft aluminum alloy
  • A wide variety of standard and optional objective lenses, allowing you to turn your device into a compact, pocket-sized night vision monocular or a long-range observational tool
  • Hands-free operation
  • Night vision devices that are based on light amplification technology collect the existing light from both natural ambient sources, like moon or stars, or artificial source- infra-red illumination, through the objective lenses.

This light energy, comprised of photons, getting into a photocathode tube, converts into electrical energy (electrons).

Then, under the influence of internal electrical and chemical processes the electrons are being multiplied in thousands times. This amplified amount of electrons flings into a phosphor screen that transforms it back into photons projecting imposing nighttime image even in almost complete darkness.

In fact, looking through night vision device the user gets a clear amplified recreation of the scenes that are usually invisible for unaided human eye in the dark.

Our NVM Product Offerings

We offer a vast array of Military-grade, professionally-proven night vision monoculars, with features like:

  • IP 65 protection
  • High-grade aluminum alloy casing
  • Head or helmet-mountable for hands-free usage
  • Dual mini rails for fast head and weapon mounting transition
  • High-light cut-off
  • Integrated IR Illuminator
  • Compact and rugged design
  • Adaptable for use with cameras
  • Ergonomic, simple, easy to operate controls
  • Three-year Warranty
  • Our catalogue of innovative night vision monoculars selection of innovative products is diversified and always evolving. As technologies continue to develop and tactical, law enforcement, and military needs advance, we strive to build night vision devices that are adaptable, tough, and agile enough for even the most demanding experts and enthusiasts.

The AGM Global Vision Guarantee: Superior Quality and Unmatched Visibility

All AGM Global Vision night vision monoculars are built to be tough and reliable, with compact and ergonomic housing. Regardless of the scenario, AGM Global Vision gives you the confidence you need to feel safe, comfortable, and in control during missions, strategic training sessions, covert operations, and survival situations. Many of our night vision monoculars are waterproof, head and helmet-mountable, They’re always simple to operate, with easy-to-understand mechanisms and maintenance procedures. Our customers can rest assured that our products are always reliable, top-quality, and high-performance.

Night vision monoculars -
our guide.

Night vision devices appeared in Germany in the middle of World War II. The first devices were huge, operated at a distance of up to 150 meters, and could not work without an infrared illuminator. Such devices were installed on tanks and helped the movement of the columns. By the end of the war, more compact devices appeared - mobile night vision rifle scope. They worked at distances of up to 100 meters and weighed over 30 kg.

Now NVDs are smaller and much more efficient. Depending on the type, modern night vision devices can amplify the weak light of an object illuminated by the moon and stars with the help of an electro-optical converter (EOC); use infrared illumination for observation in complete darkness; work as a thermal imager.

What is NV technology?

Devices that help improve visibility at night, make objects clear and suitable for observation require a little more knowledge than "turn on and watch." Night vision equipment was initially developed for defense purposes. This is quite logical because in the process of conducting military operations, the ability to move at night is no worse than during the day guarantees the success of military operations. Such devices have long been adopted by the armies of most countries of the world.

NVDs in the form in which they are presented now began to be used by US soldiers during operations in the Middle East, although the very first such developments date back to the Second World War. Today, with the help of night vision devices, rescue helicopters and military fighters fly at night, and modern drones are equipped with thermal imagers. Thanks to the ingenuity and technology development of night vision manufacturers, hunters, and the police can use NVDs wherever needed.

Devices for night observation are becoming more accessible, but many people still do not know how they work, what you need to know when choosing how to use a night vision device.

Night vision devices (NVDs) are special devices that amplify the available light in low light conditions or, in complete darkness, enhance the infrared (IR) illumination from IR flashlights. Thanks to these devices, you can see the image in the picture at night in low light conditions. Since these devices amplify the light, very bright spots from the lanterns can be seen in the background. Night vision is used in various applications, from simple CCTV cameras to night vision rifle scopes.

Technology is constantly evolving, but today night vision devices with an image converter are more popular. They are pretty reliable, easy to operate and provide high-quality images.

Depending on the image converter used, experts divide night vision devices into generations. This is a conditional classification associated with the development of technology. The principle of operation remains unchanged - amplification of weak light from weak sources.

What is NV monocular?

Night vision monocular can be compared to a miniature low-power telescope or night vision goggles. In hand, this device is held like binoculars, but you can look into it only with one eye, like through a telescope. The technical monocular characteristics are similar to those of the night vision binoculars, but they are much smaller.

Compact size is the main distinguishing feature and advantage of the monocular. Any monocular can easily fit into your pocket or small bag. If you often catch yourself thinking that it would be nice to see something in the distance, it's time to think about buying a monocular.

The monocular is one of the optical devices widely used during police operations, hunting, research, object protection, outdoor activities, and mountain climbing.

Night vision monocular is one of the simplest types of night vision devices. The device consists of a lens, a signal amplifier, an image converter, and an eyeglass. The user observes the image obtained as a result of processing. The monocular is often used for hunting. It helps to track down the beast and control the area around the hunter, which is extremely important at night.

The night vision monocular is one of the must-have accessories for hunting, Do not think this device is ineffective or completely useless. Some models of monoculars have special brackets for mounting on weapons, and the absence of an aiming reticle replaces a laser target pointer. It is convenient when observing the terrain or tracking down the beast.

The development of technology for night vision devices, of course, also affected monoculars. There are such varieties of them:

  • Devices, which are based on the amplification of weak light using an image intensifier.
  • Digital night vision monoculars. The work of these devices is based on the use of supersensitive charge-coupled devices that register fragile light, then convert it into a digital signal, amplify it, and transmit it to the eyepiece using OLED monitors.
  • Thermal imaging monoculars. The principle of fixing the own infrared radiation of any heated bodies is implemented here. The devices are distinguished by the ability to see in complete darkness without additional light sources, which often unmask the hunter, they have the highest detection distances, and it is tough to hide from a thermal imager in a bush or dense undergrowth.

Before choosing a night vision monocular for hunting, you should consider all its features. Despite the simplicity of the design, the device has several advantages, including compactness, lightweight, low power consumption, and the ability to be used as a sight. That is why experienced hunters buy such devices: they are affordable, convenient, do not take up extra space, and are always ready to help if you need to assess the situation or follow the animal.

How to choose the best NV monocular?

Choosing a monocular for hunting is not an easy task at all. There are at least a few components to consider: the amount you are willing to spend and the characteristics of the monocular. The right product choice depends on the hunter's experience, who will recommend which type of monocular is best for hunting.

It is essential to consider such characteristics and features when choosing a device for hunting:

  • product dimensions
  • weight
  • case material
  • power consumption
  • durability and tightness of the case
  • warranty service
  • professional reviews
  • the ability to add accessories such as IR illumination, microphone, etc.

Choosing a monocular can be a problem for a beginner hunter, so it is best to seek help from experienced hunters. Undoubtedly, they will be happy to share their knowledge and help you choose the most suitable device, considering all the nuances and subtleties of the upcoming hunt.

The monocular is a good helper for a night hunter. Today on the internet, there are many models of these devices, and you can choose a suitable device without much difficulty.