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Night Vision Binoculars



AGM Global Vision Night Vision Binoculars: Technologies and Features

AGM Global Vision night vision binoculars provide our customers with high-quality performance, use advanced image enhancement technology and innovative construction materials to collect all of the available light in a given area (including infrared light), amplify it, and translate in form of image. Our night vision binoculars feature:

  • Dual eye viewing system for long viewing sessions
  • Tripod mountable
  • Rugged and versatile design
  • Three-year warranty

Our night vision binoculars enable observation using two oculars to achieve depth perception from two slightly different projections onto the retinas of the eyes. AGM Global Vision night vision binoculars combine a single high-quality image intensifier tube with a dualized optical axis and double eyepiece, making it applicable for long viewing sessions.

AGM Global Vision is committed to using the most recently-released technologies to develop superior night vision binoculars. All of AGM Global Vision binoculars are made using top-grade aircraft aluminum alloy, making them lightweight, long-lasting, and durable.

Our Night Vision Binoculars

We offer a wide variety of field-tested, Military-grade night vision binoculars, which feature:

  • Compact, rugged housing with solid and ergonomic construction
  • Long-range observation capabilities
  • Easy-to-operate controls
  • Three-year warranty

Our selection of night vision binoculars is diverse and always evolving. Each model is agile, adaptable, and available with a variety of included and optional accessories. When you want a product that offers technical dexterity in mission-critical situations, AGM Global Vision has you covered.

The AGM Global Vision Promise: Superior Visibility for High-Stakes Missions

All AGM Global Vision night vision binoculars are built to last and designed for maximum agility and comfort, ensuring that you feel safe and in control during covert missions, law enforcement or military trainings, terrain exploration, and more. Our binoculars are tough, weather-resistant, and made for the most demanding tactical experts and military professionals. AGM Global Vision customers know that our products are of superior quality, delivering exceptional performance and longevity that is convenient and cost-effective.

Why it is worth buying AGM Night Vision Binoculars

Once night vision devices were invented, they have changed the usual way of things in civil and military spheres connected with observation, identification, and surveillance of the objects. Their mission is to help a human see at night or in a low-light environment. The scope of night vision equipment is extensive for people or video systems that need to operate day and night. They are highly demanded by military services, hunters, security guards, builders, and miners.

Night vision apparatus are indispensable companions for rescue and search teams, police, photographers, and video operators. Nowadays, everyone who needs to work during daytime and night hours in bad visibility use night vision gadgets for better performance. Waterproof night vision binoculars will cope with rain, fog, dust, and little obscurants.

Though purchased at an affordable price, night vision binoculars for sale are the equipment for professionals. A user of infrared night vision binoculars requires many options, high quality of optics and shockproof, dust-resistant case. Everything from the optical features to the bag for nightvision binoculars needs to be easy to handle, first-class quality, and comfortable. Producers and distributors, including our manufacturing business, consider these criteria while designing night vision binoculars for sale.

Multiple characteristics make binoculars a perfect accessory for military and non-military actions. Binoculars with night vision for hunting or fishing are produced to ensure fast spotting of the prey and more accurate shooting.

From binoculars with night vision, hunters expect these features:

  • light weightiness
  • optics with coatings for bright and dark hours
  • wide-angle illuminator
  • compactness
  • two or more mounting systems
  • water resistance

Military-grade night vision binoculars have these properties and differ by magnification, novel lens coverage, and other technical features of a higher level.

During the operation, a soldier needs mobility. He has to react fast and have all indispensable tools ready at hand. Moreover, he often carries his weapon in his hands.

What do high-powered night vision binoculars propose for a picky customer?

  • Picture quality and accurate contours
  • Brightness control
  • High-quality optics for real-time tracking of the object

A customer pays attention to everything. Night vision binocular prices are still high. Therefore, a customer wants to have a whole package from the tool, including optics, design, packaging, other technical parameters, and extra things.

Digital night vision binoculars go with a goggle kit, packing box, battery, and tissue for the lens. Often there is an AMG cap or flip-up headgear for all-purpose activities. Downloadable files are a manual and datasheet.

As you can see, the advantages of night vision binoculars are out of the question. The sphere of application and core user’s activity determine the choice of the NV type.

Types of AGM Night Vision Binoculars

A binocular is a two-monocular device that provides more visibility compared to a monocular. That is why it is more expensive. However, a user can assess the environment and the object with higher accuracy. A basic element of the night binoculars is an optical converter that functions as an amplifier of weak light. It allows observation in complete darkness.

Generation 2

2nd Generation optics for night vision devices feature high resolution and create first-class images. Unlike GEN 3 device, the second-gen binoculars have a smaller approximation parameter. Recent versions of Gen2 are approaching the quality level offered by GEN 3 devices. Manufacturers have improved tube parameters and extended battery life. Together with the quality rise, GEN 2 night vision binoculars prices jumped almost twice.

Generation 3

Generation 3 night vision binoculars feature super quality of the image due to high magnification, automatic brightness control, and recent generation intensifier tube.

Compared to Generation 2, these binoculars have a longer operating time. A non-stop use is over 40 hours. They will cope easily with extreme temperatures and high humidity.

They are the favorites of military units and policing services. The quality of the converted image is high enough for different observation distances. For higher performance, it can be increased by the image intensifier. Currently, there are seven AMG binoculars available. GEN 3 AMG binoculars are easy to mount and can be installed on the tripod. During the operation, a serviceperson can carry them on the helmet or in hands.

Features of AGM Night Vision Binoculars

A binocular is a two-monocular device that provides more visibility compared to a monocular. That is why it is more expensive. However, a user can assess the environment and the object with higher accuracy. A basic element of the night binoculars is an optical converter that functions as an amplifier of weak light. It allows observation in complete darkness.


Nowadays, the magnification degree for NV binoculars is 5x, 8x, and 10x. To choose from these options, a user considers a regular monitoring distance. If he wants to see the object in the smallest detail, he needs an NV device with the highest magnitude.


Par excellent night vision equipment resolution is 64-72 lp/mm. It is a typical resolution for many third-generation and some second-generation NV binoculars. The standard resolution is 45-51 lp/mm. Keep in mind that the price for night vision binoculars directly depends on Image Intensifier Tube. So you pay a higher price for the highest resolution. The choice is all about the quality of the image you want to receive. We recommend having a gadget test drive for making a final decision.


The weight of infrared night vision binoculars is from 1.02 kg to 1.09 kg. Compared to other hunting or military amour, binoculars that weigh one or two kg do clog movement and are easy-portable.

Purpose of the Purchase

If your purpose is monitoring objects in the conditions described, AGM night vision optics is a must-have. There are multiple night vision devices types: goggles, monoculars, binoculars, riflescopes, or NV clip-on systems.

For tracing the object more accurately and quickly, infrared night vision binoculars are the best choice. We propose you consider AGM NV binoculars for multipurpose use and the most effective results ever. The core areas of NV binoculars are wildlife exploration, hunting, and diverse military missions.

Military night vision binoculars will increase your mobility and accuracy of sighting and aiming. With AMG night vision binoculars, you will reach superiority over the rival and save time and body resources.

What do customers ask about AGM night vision binoculars?

For a sensible choice and successful investment, a customer wants to learn many details about NV binoculars. This FAQ section provides the answers to many of our clients’ concerns.

How far can night vision binoculars see AGM?

The recognition distance depends on the binocular generation type. Moreover, there are special-purpose models designed for long-distance observation. The clarity of the image will also depend on the weather and landscape. Under ideal conditions, many binoculars can provide a high-quality picture.

How do night vision binoculars work?

In simple words, a night vision device has a specially designed tube, a microchannel plate for GEN 3 gadgets, a screen, and a lens that together convert available illumination into visible light. The object's color you traditionally view is green, as a monochrome image is better perceived with human eyes. The kind of photocathode, lens size and coverage, assembly material, and electronic sensor altogether determine the price for the NV device.

Are Night Vision binoculars legal?

When we talk about the legality of NV devices, it is a matter of particular country law and the purpose of application. For example, you can use night vision binoculars with a camera for observation but not for hunting. Digging more into this topic, for hunting objects like big game, night vision optics is prohibited. Some US states allow NV for all purposes, while several federal bodies ban night vision equipment completely. To feel secure, ask a distributor of NV products in your area for precise rules for your future night vision gadget.

AGM Night Vision Binoculars – Purchase and payment methods

We offer the best price for night vision binoculars. Price and quality do not compromise each other. A wide variety of high-powered night vision optics, direct supplies, and practical, customized solutions are the pillars of our service.

The e-form for order and payment allows you to calculate the tax. Pricing also includes destination address and VAT. The shipping cost is standard.

Price for night vision binoculars corresponds to the offered quality, design, generation type, and other factors. We propose reliable payment methods and pleasant guarantees. Become one of the thousands of happy clients of AMG night vision shop today!