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NBS Market Special

AGM Global Vision Thermal / Night Vision Products IN STOCK

2021 AGM Domestic NBS PL

AGM is proud to be a Vendor at next weeks NBS Market, and wanted to share info on our Hot Show Items, and newest thermal products on the market. We currently have in stock units in both Thermal and NightVision products, and want to highlight our TM160 Handheld Thermal Monocular retailing for under $500, and TS25 Rattler riflescope providing on-board recording, front focusable objective, and ADM QD mount retailing for under $2,000
Currently we're offering both FLIR & ULIS cores in our thermal, as well as Harris & Photonis IIT in our NV. We have several key contributors in organization that have been involved in NightVision & Thermal industry for over 30+ years, and have either founded or ran majority of the players in this space. I know there's allot of opportunity in the market, especially for a price point, and available Thermal and NightVision line.

Everyday NBS program

  1. 20% to MAP, 25% to MSRP
  2. Net30 pre-approved
  3. Free freight on 20+ units
  4. $10k min order
Market Pricing
  1. 25% to MAP, 30% to MSRP
  2. Net45 pre-approved
  3. Free freight on 10+ units
  4. $5k min order
Please reach out or stop by our Virtual booth at Market, to take advantage of our Hot Show Items, and Market leading available products.

Trent Henckell
AGM Global Vision