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AGM Python-Micro and Anaconda-Micro. WiFi and onboard recording functions

On-board Wi-Fi module for live video streaming and video/images recording functions greatly expand the capabilities of thermal imagers.

For the WiFi on the unit you will need an app called CAM802. It can be located on the App Store if you are using an Iphone or here ( if you are using an Android. Make sure the unit is on with the WiFi function on as well. Go into your phones settings and connect to the unit via WiFi. The default password is '12345678'. Once you are connected open the app. Once the app is open it may ask you to do a setup. After that is completed it will bring you to the home screen. In the home screen there is a large circular button in the center that says 'Connect Cam802'. Press that button and it should start streaming the video to your phone. There will be several icons at the bottom of the screen that will allow you to record, take photos, and review these as well. If you record or take photos the video and photos are saved to your phone.

If you decide to use the on-board recording you will need the unit to be on with the WiFi turned on as well. When you are in the main screen without any menus up, you can click right on the joystick to take a photo. You can long press right on the joystick to start and stop video recording. The video will be saved to the unit. The unit has 16GB of internal storage. Once you want to review the video you can use the USBc to USB cord that is provided to hook the unit to a computer. Make sure the unit is on with the WiFi on as well. When you connect it a folder should pop up with the files in it for you to review. If not you may need to go to the 'my computer' menu and see if it shows the unit is connected. If it is you can open the files. If not, make sure it is on with the WiFi on as well and try reconnecting the cord.