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AGM Global Vision becomes official sponsor for FOXPRO

AGM Global Vision is now the official FOXPRO® sponsor for thermal & night vision gear. “The relationship seemed natural as many of our best-selling products fit right at home with predator hunters – a customer FOXPRO understands best.” Said Trent Henckell – VP of Sales at AGM. 


FOXPRO is a globally recognized leader and manufacturer of various hunting calls for most animals hunted in the U.S. FOXPRO offers the largest downloadable sound library in the industry – including great sounds for predator and hog hunting. In a growing number of states, predator and hog hunting

can be done legally at night – ideal conditions for thermal and night vision devices. When some FOXPRO staff members started using AGM products personally, AGM was approached and asked to sponsor FOXPRO officially.

“When it came down to it, it was really a matter of how impressed the FOXPRO staff was with the AGM products. This coming from staff that has spent lots of time looking through other thermal units in the market.” Said Andrew Meyer – Marketing Manager for FOXPRO. In the future, you can expect to see more AGM products via FOXPRO Hunting TV on YouTube, CarbonTV, Roku, and more.

AGM Global Vision becomes official sponsor for FOXPRO