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AGM Clarion Thermal Scopes Now Available!

AGM Global Vision, a pioneer in thermal imaging technology, proudly announces the availability of its latest innovation, the Clarion Thermal Scope Series. Unveiled to the public at SHOT Show 2024, Las Vegas, the Clarion Thermal Scope Series represents a revolutionary leap forward in thermal optics technology.

Setting a New Standard in Thermal Imaging

The Clarion Thermal Scope Series is engineered to address the challenges faced by night hunters, offering unparalleled versatility and performance. Key features include:

Dual Base Magnification System: The Clarion scopes incorporate a cutting-edge dual-lens optical system, allowing hunters to seamlessly switch between two different magnification and field of view settings without compromising image resolution.

Advanced Thermal Sensor: With a sub-20 millikelvin temperature rating, the Clarion series boasts one of the most sensitive thermal sensors in its class, ensuring exceptional detection capabilities even in challenging conditions.

Exceptional Design and Functionality: Designed with the utmost attention to detail, the Clarion Thermal Scope Series features high-quality components, including a 640x512 or 384x288 12-micron thermal sensor, a removable rechargeable battery, and a range of customizable settings for optimal performance.

Unrivaled Performance in the Field

The Clarion Thermal Scope Series offers hunters unmatched performance and versatility, empowering them to optimize their optics for specific hunting environments and targets. Key features include:

Availability and Contact Information

The Clarion Thermal Scope Series is now available on our website or for purchase through authorized AGM Global Vision dealers. For more information on the Clarion Thermal Scope click HERE.


AGM Clarion Thermal Scopes Now Available!