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AGM Sponsors Law Enforcement Demo

AGM was honored to sponsor a night-demo for local law enforcement tactical officers in the Dallas / Fort Worth TX region. Other vendors included SilencerCo, Daniel Defense, Gorilla Ammunition, and more.

Local law enforcement received a special invite to the fully suppressed night-demo - where tactical officers got the opportunity to demo various suppressed weapon systems under the aid of night vision and thermal optics.

Thermal and Night vision optics provide a significant tactical advantage for night operations. For that reason, these devices are becoming more common inside law enforcement. "Typically, night vision is more common for department use because of positive identification, but being able to grab a thermal spotter and detect a body signature in a dark environment is extremely useful" - one officer stated. 

AGM is thankful for the opportunity to showcase our electro optics to the brave men and women in law enforcement. As we expand, we look forward to providing and meeting the needs of law enforcement professionals worldwide.

AGM Sponsors Law Enforcement Demo