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Author: Albert Anthony Roman

Wolf-NL 1 Review

  • Review Add on: 10/05/2024
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This night vision device is actually really impressive. In my opinion the NL 1 I received has nearly 0 blemishes in the unit. I received As Furthermore, it comes with a rhino one style mount and a J Arm That works quite well with this unit works extremely good and low light conditions and the provided mount and J Arm Lineup correctly with my eyes without having to adjust very much So yes, I am very pleased. Customer service is very good as well All in all, it’s a great little unit that Provides a excellent Gen2+ Experience it does not weigh much just I would say probably a couple of ounces more than a PV 14 but when using the CR 123 battery, it cuts the weight down significantly and The great thing is, you could mount it on any sort of standard USGI Shroud whether it be a bump helmet or a ballistic helmet I give this NVG unit a 9.5 out of 10

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