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Author: Rickie pellegrin

Agm varmit lrf 640x512

  • Review Add on: 25/02/2022
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I recently received a varmit 640x512 lrf . I have only written one review in my life and it was also an AGM product. I have to be totally impressed to do so. I own a company called Southern shooting center. I shoot and build guns for members for the last 23 years. With this new varmit 640 I am totally blown away. It s much more than I ever expected. The clarity, the ease of operation, the accuracy is beyond what I have ever experienced. I have shot at least 6 other manufacturers and wasn’t impressed. What’s even better this company is the whole package. Their technology surpasses all the ones I’ve tried before. Their products,their development team, and to top that off they have a man name Mr. Todd who’s been a awesome person to work with. He is definitely a credit to his company. Thanks go out to Mr. Todd. I highly recommend AGM for your thermal applications.

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