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Author: Scott Fuller

New Standard

  • Review Add on: 11/03/2021
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I had a python and this Rattler sets a new standard. I purchased both my thermals from Gibson's Sporting Goods in Weatherford, TX and they really helped me through the purchasing process ensuring I got what I wanted. The clarity on this scope is so clear that I would even consider it to be both night vision and thermal. The python is a great thermal scope but I feel AGM took what was lacking in the python and improved it in the Rattler. User functions are easier and more defined. The large padded buttons are easy to feel and find in the dark. The battery lock is so much better and easier to lock down on this model. I use my Rattler for scouting and I take it outside almost nightly to look around and see what is moving around. For the money, you cannot go wrong with this thermal!

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