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Author: Rickie j pellegrin

Ts75-384 secutor

  • Review Add on: 26/10/2020
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I have owned or shot 5 different brands of thermal scopes. Some of the products broke on me during the first shot, the front objective actually shattered on 4 different units. Some just performed poorly. Some of their services when you can get in touch with them was even worse. After doing a lot of research I settled on a AGM SECUTOR TS75-384. I have never done a review on anything in my life, but I was so overly pleased , I had to do a Review. It has surpassed even my pts736 flir. Then I found out that it has a flir 17UM FLIR TAU2 MICROBOLOMETER. I am so pleased I just ordered a AGM PYTHON TS75 336. I also found there service as good as there product. And I own a shooting range called SOUTHERN SHOOTING CENTER With over 500 members. I have built guns over 40 years. I also sight in between 200 and 300 uguns a year. You can find us on our Facebook SOUTHERNSHOOTING center.

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