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Author: Greg Chamberlain

This is built and offers and addition 40 hours of runtime

  • Review Add on: 11/01/2021
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This came to me initially with the 4-pin connector, but my dovetail wouldn't click in place, so I had to trade it for the new 9-pin polymer and the new 9-pin battery pack.

I like the look of the metal one with its 4 pin connection, but the 9-pin is where they changed their design so there has to be a reason. All good imo.

This is a snug fit inthe battery compartment of my mohawk, and once inserted it doesn't wiggle or wobble around inside of it. The cabling is more than long enough, and turning to aux battery is a simple twist of a knob, Left for left bank and right turn for the right bank.

So far I don't have issues, there is a positive feel then you rotate the on/off switch. The connectors thus far is a good lock up and are just as easy to pull apart. But this one can be a bit of a pain in the azz when you go to remove you goggles from your mount. Each time you have to reroute the cable each time to avoid a snag point. That however is a minor inconvenience.

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