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The ultimate guide to binoculars

Binoculars appeared a long time ago, and now they are actively used by representatives of various professions. These devices are constantly being upgraded and become more multifunctional devices. There are many types of such devices adapted to different operating conditions. All of them provide the user with a high-definition picture and help him perform various tasks.

What are hunting and military optics?

A variety of optical instruments benefit military and civilians alike. They are widely used in hunting and during various military operations. In the first case, binoculars and other optics help track down animals and birds, being at a great distance from them. This method of searching for a potential victim is the most correct since it eliminates the likelihood of becoming noticed by prey. In hunting, not only standard optics are used, but also devices supplemented with night vision devices. This makes it possible to search for a game even in the dark.

In the military sphere, optics is indispensable for reconnaissance operations. It is also used to assess the state and strength of opponents. In all cases, binoculars and other devices actively help the soldiers successfully cope with the tasks set by the command.

What is binocular?

Binoculars are a popular optical instrument widely used in various fields of activity. It has a simple design, consisting of two connected telescopes, allowing observation with both eyes. This creates a complete picture, making it easier to see all the details of interest.

The basis of the optical system of the device is the lens. It collects light from the observed object and forms its inverted image at a small distance behind itself. The light then passes through a prism where the image is inverted and visible through the eyepiece.

The sphere of binocular application

Different types of binoculars have become indispensable assistants for representatives of various professions. They are widely used in many fields of activity and bring significant benefits to people.

Application area:

  • hunting and fishing
  • Protection of objects
  • Repair work
  • multi-day hiking trips
  • Search for criminals and missing people
  • Performance of work at industrial enterprises
  • Observation of animals
  • Rescue operations
  • Surveillance and military operations.

Types of binoculars

Binoculars are popular optical instruments, so their manufacturers produce many varieties of such optics. It is classified according to various criteria, ranging from the size of the lens to the type of built-in elements. It is also common to share all available devices by purpose.

Types of binoculars by a purpose:


These binoculars are used to monitor the movement of athletes. They are also actively used in paintball and other similar games.


These devices are used to inspect the surrounding area during hikes and search for particular objects. Often they are compact and lightweight. Also, such optics show themselves well while observing animals and birds.


These binoculars are ideal for tracking prey. They are characterized by increased magnification and a wide field of view. This allows you to quickly inspect a large area and find a potential victim among birds or mammals.


These devices with maximum magnification are perfect for observing space objects located at a relatively small distance from our planet. Such optics allow viewing the Moon, the worlds of the solar system, comets, meteorites, and observing eclipses.


These binoculars are the most straightforward and most compact. They are intended for watching performances and concerts from the back rows of the auditorium.


These devices are the most reliable and multifunctional. They are often supplemented with night vision devices that allow you to inspect the territory at any time of the day. In addition, military binoculars are characterized by increased magnification and can work effectively even in extreme weather conditions.

How to choose and buy binocular?

Quality binoculars are not easy to find. Therefore, it is essential to take into account all the characteristics and features of the available devices and take into account the main criteria for choosing such optics.

Main selection criteria:

  • 1. Multiplicity. Binoculars for hunting, fishing, and travel should have a magnification of 7-10. Models with large values of this parameter should be used for military, security, and scientific purposes.
  • 2. Lens diameter. Ideally, the diameter should be average (20-40 mm). Models that have this indicator underestimated will not be able to provide the highest image quality, and those that are too high will become excessively large and inconvenient to use.
  • 3. Field of view. This indicator is essential for binoculars of any type. It determines the size of the area that will be visible through the eyepiece. Devices with maximum performance are best used for military purposes and tasks of increased complexity. The correct solution for most users will be models with an average field of view.
  • 4. Protective properties. It is best to buy models with durable case that is not afraid of mechanical stress. Its presence eliminates the likelihood of lens and eyepiece fogging during sudden temperature changes. Also, this structural element must be reliably protected from water and dust. Only in this case can it be used in all weather conditions. An additional advantage will be filling the case with an inert gas.
  • 5. Prism system. All modern binoculars come with Porro and Roof prisms. The first is distinguished by the almost complete absence of light losses but has enormous dimensions. At the same time, the Roof system stands out for its compactness but requires better and more expensive optical elements that can reduce considerable light loss.
  • 6. Manufacturer. It is best to purchase binoculars manufactured by well-known companies. They use high-quality components in production and carefully check their products. As a result, the user receives reliable and durable optics that do their job well.

Maintenance of binocular

Binoculars of any type can work appropriately for an extended period. However, they need to be properly looked after and regularly serviced for this. All this will help the device to remain efficient and effective in various situations.

Maintenance rules:

Binoculars should be inspected before each use. Inspection includes examining all structural elements for cracks, scratches, and other problems. It is also worth checking for foreign objects on the lens and eyepiece (for example, hairs, dust particles, etc.). Such a simple procedure will make it possible to detect various defects that can degrade the performance of the optics.

Maintenance must be carried out before using the device and after returning home. It consists in inspecting all structural elements and cleaning them of any contamination. At the same time, it is necessary to remove dust and dirt, and drops of water. This should be done with a soft cloth that will not damage the optics.

Binoculars can work well for decades. It will help identify minor flaws and correct them before noticeable problems with optics appear. Also, this procedure helps to perform a complete adjustment of the optics. Despite this, it is necessary to carry out an adjustment procedure every 6-12 months.

In most cases, binoculars are durable but not eternal instruments. Therefore, in the event of breakdowns, you need to contact the repair specialists and not try to fix the defect yourself. Otherwise, you can damage individual structure parts and make the device inoperable.

Binocular - F.A.Q.

1. Will binoculars be harmed if used regularly?
No, binoculars of any type are not harmful to health. They do not adversely affect the eyes, do not emit toxic substances, and are not hazardous radiation sources.

2. Is it convenient to use binoculars for people with poor eyesight?
All modern models of binoculars are supplemented with a retractable eyepiece design. With their help, you can adapt the optics to the individual visual needs of the user. To do this, it is enough to adjust using the provided regulator correctly.

3. Is it legal to use binoculars?
In most countries of the world, these devices can be used everywhere. However, there are several states where certain restrictions have been introduced on such optics. Therefore, before you go on a trip, you need to carefully study the laws and regulations for operating binoculars in force in a particular country.

4. Devices of which manufacturers are better to buy?
The most reliable and durable binoculars are the most well-known brands. If you do not have enough money to buy such devices, then choose budget models from less popular manufacturers that receive a lot of good reviews from customers.

5. What should be done to make the binoculars work properly?
Any binoculars will only work for a long time without breakdowns if all operating rules are observed. You also need to care for the device and regularly monitor its condition.

6. Are expensive optics always better than cheap ones?
In most cases, the cost of binoculars directly depends on the quality of the components used in the production. The more reliable and durable these structural elements, the more stable and accurate the optical device will work.

How to choose the best binocular, especially for you?

A large selection of binocular models makes choosing one of them difficult. In this case, the buyer needs to consider their financial capabilities, personal preferences, and many other factors.

For personal purposes, you should choose devices that will be comfortable to use. Most often, these binoculars are small in size. They are easy to transport and do not take up much space in a backpack. It is also essential that the purchased device is made of standard components that can be easily replaced in various malfunctions.

Binoculars are versatile optics that are often used in various fields of activity. These devices are characterized by simple design, reliability, and ease of operation. All this makes binoculars popular among the military and civilians.