USI PASGT/ PST SC 650 Ballistic Helmet



Ballistic Helmet

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Description and Features

The PASGT Helmet is a general duties helmet suitable for military and police tactical use. The helmet is constructed from para aramid material and provides lightweight, robust protection from ballistic and fragmentation projectiles and other low energy threats The latest harness design offers a stable and comfortable fit with individual adjustment capability. This four point harness is anchored to the shell with ballistic resistant bolts. The harness can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement.

      Ballistic Protection
    • Meets NIJ 0106.01 Level IIIA.
    • Fragmentation Protection
    • Protection against fragments from V50 450m/sec – V50 700 m/sec according to STANAG 2920 (17gr FSP) and US MIL STD 662F. Meets and exceeds the US Military V50 multi fragmentation requirement for the ACH helmet
    • Sizes
    • Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large
    • Colors
    • Standard colors are black, tan, OD green. Most other colors are available to special order including IRR paint finishes and hydro graphic transfer Multi-cam
    • Accessories
    • Accessories include ballistic visors, anti riot visors, neck protectors and various harness options including the USI BOA® retention harness. Pads systems, helmet covers, carrying bags and police identifiers are also available