USI BOA® retention harness with Rapid Adjustment Dial



retention harness with Rapid Adjustment Dial

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Description and Features

The United Shield International BOA® retention harness with Rapid Adjustment Dial is a stand-alone chinstrap to feature dial-adjustable fit that can be adjusted on the go. The BOA® Closure System provides the ability to adjust fit, stabilize the helmet when running and in prone position, as well as increase comfort while remaining lightweight and durable. This Harness system is compatible with multiple helmet styles and manufacturers. The BOA® System’s unrivaled technology ensures the most secure fit in a matter of seconds. With the next generation of the BOA® system and their Rapid Adjustment Dial, this harness offers an additional feature of the ease of one-handed adjustment – a quick, easy adjustments to tighten or loosen the fit on the go. This harness still offers the ability of having a quick release system to instantly loosen the harness around the crown of the head. The USI BOA® responds to the dynamic loading conditions of a modern combat helmet. It is capable of withstanding the additional weight of head borne accessories, reducing the need for accessories such as counterweights. The USI BOA® harness offers a warranty of 18 months on the Rapid adjustment dial and harness, while offering a lifetime warranty on the cabling within the harness..