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AGM’S 3-day Tactical Training Course Level #3

AGM Training Packages


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Description And features

Facility in located in Phoenix, AZ.

Day #1 Pistol 4 CQB (8 hrs.) Includes 600 rounds of 9mm ammunition

Day #2 Rifle Skill Builder 4&5 CQB AR15 (8 hrs.) Includes 600 rounds of .223/5.56 ammunition

Day #3 Pistol / Rifle CQB Tactical Deployment (8 hrs.) Includes 300 rounds of 9mm & 600 rounds of .223/5.56 ammunition

  • Students will employ techniques such as reloads, immediate, and remedial action during movement. Tactical footwork will incorporate multiple angles and advanced room clearing.
  • The course is extremely fast paced and conducted in a manner that would be seen in a real-life critical response incident, where the utilization of cover concealment, and well placed suppressive and direct fire are necessary to overcome and neutralize a threat and return peace and safety to society and the public.
  • The students will move laterally, forward, and backwards, utilizing cover while employing the pistol/AR15.
  • Continuation of communication. Further work on communicating with a partner during critical incidents and self-defense scenarios.
  • We will provide the student with the fundamental working knowledge of the Advanced Combat Helmet, the AGM 50 Dual tube Night Vision Goggle systems (AGM Global Vision), in conjunction with the deployment of the AR15 Rifle and Infrared Laser targeting system during a dynamic live range scenario.
  • This will include CQB (close quarter combat) shoot/ no shoot scenarios
Gear Supplied:
  • Guns & Ammo for the weapon systems
  • AGM NVG goggles & Ballistic ACH helmet
  • Rifle, Sling, 4 magazines total
  • Ammunition carrying system (Chest Rig, LBV, Plate Carrier)
  • Pistol Holster, Belt, 3 pistol Magazines, Rounds of appropriate pistol caliber
  • Eye Protection, Hearing Protection, Meals & Beverages on range
Gear needed by student:
  • Appropriate Range Attire
  • Closed toe shoes
Note: Transportation and accommodations are not included.



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