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AGM’S 3-day Tactical Training Course Level #2



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Description And features

Facility in located in Phoenix, AZ.

Day #1 Pistol 3 (8 hrs.) Includes 600 rounds of 9mm ammunition

Day #2 Rifle Skill Builder 2&3 AR15 (8 hrs.) Includes 600 rounds of .223/5.56 ammunition

Day #3 Pistol / Rifle Tactical Deployment (8 hrs.) Includes 300 rounds of 9mm & 600 rounds of .223/5.56 ammunition

  • Students will employ techniques such as reloads, immediate, and remedial action during movement. Tactical footwork will introduce angles and basic room clearing.
  • The students will move laterally, forward, and backwards, utilizing cover while employing the pistol/AR15.
  • Continuation of communication. Further work on communicating with a partner during critical incidents and self-defense scenarios.
  • Class instruction will cover the proper set up of AGM NVG 50 Dual tube night vision goggles onto a Ballistic ACH helmet.
  • The students will learn to operate and implement the AGM NVG 50 dual tube night vision goggles during a static range in a low light/ no light shooting scenario.
Gear Supplied:
  • Guns & Ammo for the weapon systems
  • AGM NVG goggles & Ballistic ACH helmet
  • Rifle, Sling, 4 magazines total
  • Ammunition carrying system (Chest Rig, LBV, Plate Carrier)
  • Pistol Holster, Belt, 3 pistol Magazines, Rounds of appropriate pistol caliber
  • Eye Protection, Hearing Protection, Meals & Beverages on range
Gear needed by student:
  • Appropriate Range Attire
  • Closed toe shoes
Note: Transportation and accommodations are not included.



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