Optics 1 LRTV Long-Range Thermal Viewer


Optics 1 LRTV

Long-Range Thermal Viewer

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Description and Features

The LRTV is designed for military and civilian applications and is fully qualified according to the most stringent standards. It is key to the success of any large-scale infantry modernization program, and is a valuable tool in rescue operations. The LRTV is especially useful for infantry platoon leaders, and is ideal for Special Forces operations. When integrated into the GonioLight TI or GonioLight G-TI systems, it serves as a force multiplier, enhancing the capabilities of forward observers, and ensuring accuracy in even the harshest of visibility conditions. In addition, the LRTV is a tremendous asset during recovery efforts after natural disasters. The dual field-of-view cooled thermal imager allows search and rescue teams an unprecedented ability to detect and retrieve survivors of earthquakes, hurricanes or blizzards.

      7-in-1 mission essential capabilities
    • The LRTV is a compact, multi-functional, fully-integrated device and is one of Optics 1’s most capable systems. The handheld includes all essential observation, detection, location, and targeting functions that users need to effectively conduct multi-mission operations.

    • Field-proven technology
    • The LRTV provides vital situational awareness and precision targeting capabilities to infantry platoon leaders, snipers, long-range reconnaissance, scouts, and special forces. It provides forces with enhanced operational capabilities for collaborative combat: threat detection, target location, and intelligence-gathering from units in contact to command and control centers.

    • Robust and Ruggedized
    • The LRTV is battlefield-proven as highly robust and ruggedized, ensuring the durability and ope¬rability of the device in all types of environmental conditions. Multimedia interfaces are available to control and manage data and images, making it interoperable with various systems and equip¬ment (monitors, computers, etc.) and other Soldier Modernization Programs.

    • Increased Situational Awareness
    • The Fusion option for the LRTV enables users to have the ability to merge the IR NFOV and color day channel signals into a single combined display of scenery to increase situational awareness. This capability can unmask camouflaged subjects, spot hidden heat sources, and/or detect a presence through an artificially obscured scene. The LRTV offers 4 fusion modes: Hot Spot, Decamou¬flage, Reverse Decamouflage, and Split Screen.


Wavelength 3 to 5 μm, cooled
Wide field of view 9° x 6.75°
Narrow field of view 3° x 2.25°
Capability to NATO size target > 3,500 m
Field of view 3° x 2.25°
Capability to NATO size target 2,600 m
Embedded C/A code
External Connection to PLGR, DAGR with cable
Wavelength 1.54 μm
Eye safety Class 1 per IEC60825-1
Range to NATO size target 5,000 m
Azimuth range 360°
Azimuth accuracy (1σ) ±0.5°
Elevation range -30° to +30° standard -45° to +45° optional
Elevation accuracy ±0.2°
Wavelength 830 nm (NIR), visible through I2
Range 300 m, typical
Data RS 422 for remote control
Data and video FireWire
Analog video CCIR or RS 170
Battery pack BT-70483 or BB-2847 (US)
External 9.2V DC
Environmental Conditions Tested to MIL-STD810
With Battery 7.1 lbs (3.2 kg)
Without Battery 6.2 lbs (2.8 kg)