Optics 1 COTI-LR Long Range Clip-On Thermal Imager


Optics 1 COTI-LR

Long Range Clip-On Thermal Imager

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Description and Features

The COTI easily attaches to existing Night Vision Devices (NVDs) to add additional capabilities. Low-power consumption, optimal sensor technology, and higher-performance optics integrate seamlessly to provide state-of-the-art long-wave infrared technology. Since COTI mounts on currently-existing NVDs with a bracket, the clip-on technology allows increased capabilities without the need to refit helmets for special equipment. COTI can even be mounted directly on a weapon and incorporates a video in/out feature. The miniaturized design causes the unit to be lightweight. COTI consumes very little power and consequently can be used for extended periods of time. The unit’s waterproof and rugged construction can withstand the harshest environments. With COTI, the user is even able to see into darkened openings and detect residual heat situational awareness at the highest level.

      View the World Differently
    • Day or night, the COTI reveals more than what is visible to the normal eye. The COTI adds a layer of thermal detection capabilities to identify heat sources – either present or residual – in any situation. COTI offers broader dimension imagery to users to assess any potential threats. While Night Vision Devices (NVDs) provide users with the ability to see in ambient or low-light environments, users get only a part of the available picture. The COTI exposes potential threats that may be hidden – i.e. in defilade, under clothing, or covered in a layer of dirt. It helps to identify and assess those situations to give users more awareness and information to make knowledgeable decisions on how to proceed with a mission.

    • Interchangeability
    • The COTI can be easily attached to an existing NVD, with the use of a mounting bracket, to add additional thermal capabilities to the I2 system. It can also be used as a stand-alone handheld with the use of an eyepiece. Its low-power consumption, optimal sensor technology, and high-performance optics integrate seamlessly to provide state-of the-art long-wave infrared technology. To make detection easier, the COTI offers two heat detection modes (White Hot and Black Hot) and three viewing modes (Full Thermal, Patrol, and Outline) that users can choose from to better customize the device for the situation and mission.

    • Small and Lightweight
    • The small, compact, and lightweight COTI has low-power consumption that allows for extended use. COTI is waterproof to 10m and its rugged construction can withstand the harshest environments.


Magnification 1x (optical unit)
Field of View 10° circular, centered
Objective Fixed Focus f/1.2
Aperture f / 1.15
Sensor Type uncooled LWIR Microbolometer
Image Sensor 320 x 240 pixels
Wavelength 8 - 12 μm
Detection 1200 m
Recognition 720 m
Detection 1000 m
Recognition 600 m
Display Micro Display
Polarity white hot or black hot
Brightness adjustable
Power Supply COTI-LR
Battery 1x 3VDC Lithium, type CR 123A
Operating Time (one battery) 3.0 h @ 23°C
(Auxillary battery pack) > 8.0 h @23°C
(without change of batteries) > 11.5 h @ 23°C
Dimensions (LxWxH) 144 mm x 38 mm x 93 mm
Weight 180 g (6.3 oz), incl. battery
Tested MIL-STD-810