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AGM Globalvision Laser Systems: Technologies and Features

AGM Globalvision laser systems enhance the visibility of your night vision devices without compromising your position or plan. In environment with little to no ambient light, your NVD’s performance can degrade. Remain undercover with infrared lasers - a powerful ally for nighttime combat and tracking that’s invisible to the naked eye and able to provide your NVD with enough illumination to see - even in total darkness. Our laser systems are:

Night vision laser systems are used for an array of on-the-ground applications, including identifying objects, zeroing in on targets, designating focal points so other weapon systems can execute an attack, and providing invisible illumination to enhance the performance of your night vision tools. Typically, military-trusted lasers operate at 850, 1060, and ~1500 nm (nanometers). However, the first two types do risk position compromise, because they are visible via other night vision devices. However, the 1550 nm laser is safe for the human eye and cannot be seen even by the most advanced NVDs, making it the only truly covert option.

AGM Globalvision always strives to use the latest available laser system technologies to support your tactical night vision needs. Factory boresighting ensures accurate alignment, and top-quality design and construction allows AGM Globalvision lasers to stand up to extreme weather conditions, seeing through rain, fog, dust, smoke, and other obscurants without fading or fracturing.

Our Laser System Product Offerings

We offer a vast selection of Military tried-and-trusted, exceptional quality laser systems, all of which feature:

Military, security, and law enforcement leaders turn to our laser systems for the safest, most accurate, and highest-performing but cost-effective solutions on the market.

The AGM Globalvision Promise: Precision Accuracy for Tracking and Targeting

All AGM Globalvision laser systems feature rapid target acquisition capabilities and are compatible with our vast selection of military-grade night vision devices. Whether you need to enhance your daytime targeting precision or see the unseen in total darkness, our laser systems give you an unmatched edge when tracking evasive individuals, performing recovery missions, conducting surveillance, or executing any mission where failure is not an option.