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Shot Show has always been one of the best opportunities to present the new products and upgrades to our customers, as well as to build future partnerships. Shot Show 2020, Las Vegas (USA) surpassed all possible expectations! Team AGM Global Vision was glad to meet so many of our friends and to start building new connections. During the exhibition all the visitors had a possibility to see and try the whole range of night vision and thermal imaging products, direct view devices and accessories offered to improve effectiveness and user’s comfort.

AGM Global Vision thanks everyone that came to take a look at our full line of thermal and night vision optics, as well as all new 2020 releases. SHOT SHOW 2020 proved a huge success for AGM’s first year attending. Although this was Team AGM’s first year at the annual SHOT SHOW, CEO and Partner Gary Tarakanov was confident that after 20 years of exhibiting, this year’s show was one of the best ever, exceeding both AGM and customer’s expectations. Being able to work and promote other companies such as Battle Arms, Christensen Arms, F1 Firearms, Doublestar Corp, American Defense Mfg, DSP Armory and more provided us the ability to present a range of thermal and night vision products on a variety of the world’s top leading rifle brands. Contributing to our success we would also like to thank DEVTAC for the partnership and giving us the opportunity to display a range of ballistic and non ballistic full face helmets, as well as a wide variety of industry influencers including Demolition Ranch, The Manspot, Costa Ludus, BlackRambo, Austin Weiss, Clint Walker, TruExodus, FullSpectrum Warrior, and many more that came by to look at AGM’s all new product and spend some time at the booth! We are excited for our current customers support, as well as new partnerships formed at the 2020 SHOT show, as we could not experience the growth and support from all of our partners. We look forward to sharing additional content and news very soon on these new partnerships, customers, as well as opportunities to see and experience AGM thermal and night vision products!

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